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There are many reasons you might need to see a urologist. It could be kidney stones, urinary issues, testicular cancer, pelvic organ prolapse or a host of other issues. When trying to find a urologist in Woodstock, the first thing you’ll most likely do is to open a search engine and type “urologist near me,” “Woodstock urology” or “Woodstock urologist.” A cascade of results will appear, and you’ll be left trying to decide the best urologist to see.

There are a lot of options for urologists in Woodstock. How can you determine which urology specialist will be right for you and your unique health concerns?

At Advanced Urology, we can ensure that you are provided with the best urological healthcare.  We genuinely care about our patient’s comfort, concerns and complete wellness. Both women and men need urological care for a variety of reasons, and our highly-trained surgeons and staff work within a safe, convenient, state-of-the-art facility providing efficient patient care.

Our team makes our patients feel at home as soon as they walk into our location. We teach our patients about their condition and describe the various treatment options and techniques available to them. Additionally, we’re the only provider in the state of Georgia to offer same-day appointments to our patients.

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Women’s Urinary, Bladder and Reproductive Health Concerns

Women experience a variety of complaints which require our specialist care, and these include:

  • Post-menopausal side-effects – Menopause is a natural part of aging that typically occurs between the ages of 45 and 55 which causes a woman’s estrogen levels to decline. Lowered estrogen levels can affect the functions of the bladder, urinary tract and pelvic floor. The results of POP may include urinary tract infections, pelvic organ prolapse or an overactive bladder. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in the form of tablets, skin patches, gels and implants relieve menopausal symptoms by replacing estrogen.
  • Pelvic organ prolapse – POP occurs when one or more of the organs slips (uterus, bowel, bladder or even the top of the vagina) into the pelvis and the organ moves downward from its normal position and pushes into the vagina. Post-menopausal women and individuals who have recently given birth are more likely to develop Symptoms of POP include pain in the lower abdomen and vagina. There are several surgical options to help remedy the condition.
  • Overactive bladder – This is a problem that nearly 40 percent of all women in the United States contract at some point in their lives. Consuming less caffeine, alcohol and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will reduce symptoms

Men’s Urological Health Conditions

The complex structure of male anatomy may lead to specific health concerns including:

  • Prostate cancer – This disease has the third highest fatality rate in the United States, with over ten percent of the male population developing the disease. As with all cancers, frequent exams and early detection present the best chance of recovery.
  • Low testosterone – This is known as hypogonadism and may become an issue in mature men. Symptoms include chronic fatigue, and lifestyle factors or psychological problems may cause a lack of sexual drive. However, a diagnostic basis of late-onset hypogonadism is determined by your symptoms and the results of blood tests.
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia – Defines mild prostatic inflammation (BPH) is the medical term to describe an enlarged prostate, a condition that can affect how you pass urine. BPH is common in men aged over 50. It’s not cancer and isn’t typically a severe threat to health. Moderate to severe symptoms of BPH are treated with medication to reduce the size of the prostate and relax the bladder.
  • Erectile dysfunction – ED is a common complaint and is easy to rectify.
  • Testicular cancer – This is a very treatable condition with only one man dying of the illness in a group of 5000. Men with infertility problems are more likely to contract testicular cancer. It’s imperative to have regular exams and to live an active and healthy life.

Reproductive and Sexual Health Matters

Advanced Urology understands that sexual health and fertility is an intimate and private part of a patient’s life. We have specialists trained in a multitude of conditions including:

  • Women’s and men’s fertility issues – Many couples face challenges when trying to conceive. Male infertility affects almost eight percent of all couples, while ten percent of woman experience some form of reproductive However, most challenges are tackled with proper timing, a healthy diet and intimacy.
  • Male reproductive choices – Maybe, you’ve already had children and feel your family is complete and you want to prevent further pregnancies. Allow our team to help you select a procedure that’s right for you.
  • Varicoceles – These enlarged veins on the skin of the scrotum can restrict the testicles and cause a lowered sperm count. 20 percent of men with fertility issues and ten percent of fertile males experience this problem. Varicoceles are similar to varicose veins in legs. A variety of procedures can repair this condition.

At Advanced Urology, we provide urology services which focus on your complete well-being. Turn to medical professionals who respect your time and anticipate your needs.

If you’re experiencing urological symptoms, it’s vital to make an appointment immediately. Don’t wait until you’re in pain.

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