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Choosing a specialist can impact your health in a multitude of ways. The skills, services and level of care provided by a urologist in Kennesaw may dictate how quickly you recover and thrive as your medical needs are being resolved.

If your doctor has suggested that you consult a Kennesaw urologist, odds are you’re utilizing your cell phone or computer to pull up a search engine and type “urologist near me,” “urologist Kennesaw” or “Kennesaw urology.” Only to find that the web has provided an excessive amount of results that will take hours to sift through. How do you choose a specialist who genuinely cares for their patients and doesn’t leave them sitting in an uncomfortable chair in a stuffy waiting room only to allow their anxiety to build?

Luckily, you’ve found Advanced Urology where a team of dedicated and adept medical professionals strives to provide you with award-winning services. We pride ourselves on seeing our patients promptly, but you may want to hang out in our serene reception area a tad longer. Advanced Urology is the only urology clinic in the Atlanta-Metro area which offers same-day appointments for urgent and emergency situations.

Urologist Kennesaw

Sexual and Reproductive Wellness

The intimacy of partnership, conceiving a child or wanting to protect yourself from unplanned pregnancies are all part of a healthy life. We understand that discussing reproductive concerns and private matters are challenging discussions to have with a medical professional. At Advanced Urology, we respect your privacy, but also want you to have a clear understanding of your treatment options. We frequently treat any number of concerns including:

Kennesaw Urology

  • Men’s reproductive choices – Many men choose to protect themselves from unplanned pregnancies for a variety of reasons. Perhaps, you feel your family is complete, or you’re focusing on your career. Maybe you’ve changed your mind about having children and want to explore your surgical options to restore your fertility.
  • Fertility complications – Unfortunately, almost ten percent of all couples trying to have a baby in the United States face hurdles to conception. In most cases, fertility problems are resolved with a healthy lifestyle, proper timing and sexual activity.
  • Urinary tract infections – UTI’s are common in both men and women. A urinary tract infection begins with bacteria that generally grow in the bowel, but is transferred to the urethra. Antibiotics are routinely prescribed to treat UTI’s. If an infection is left unresolved, it can cause damage to the bladder and kidneys.

Men’s Urology

The aging process eventually leads many men to encounter urological issues due to the complexity of the male anatomy. A medical condition doesn’t have to impact your life negatively. The experts at Advanced Urology routinely treat a diverse set of issues for patients looking for a urologist in Kennesaw. These issues include:

  • Prostate cancer – Cancer in the prostate gland is a serious diagnosis and has the third highest fatality rate in oncology. More than ten percent of men in the United States contract the illness. African Americans, men with a genetic mutation, individuals who eat red meat excessively and men over the age of 60 are more at risk of developing prostate cancer. Undergoing regular checkups is imperative. Early detection may save your life.
  • Low testosterone – Androgens are the hormones which define and sculpt the human gender. A decrease in any androgen, like testosterone, may lead to feelings of lethargy, reduced sexual drive and chronic fatigue. Patients have options to restore their hormonal levels with medical treatments.
  • Erectile dysfunction – ED isn’t a serious issue. Erectile dysfunction is defined by a man’s inability to produce or maintain an erection. This condition is usually a product of stress, anxiety or another mental condition. Many men experience ED in their lifetime and typically isn’t a cause for alarm. However, if you’ve endured chronic bouts of erectile dysfunction, it may be due to a more severe illness.

Women’s Urology

Women require the attention of skilled urologists throughout their lives, whether it be after the birth of a child or as the symptoms of menopause arise. Advanced Urology specializes in treating female-related urology concerns for the residents of Kennesaw including:

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse – POP is a unique condition which only affects females. Typically, pelvic organ prolapse develops after childbirth or once a woman experiences a drop in her estrogen levels. POP is diagnosed when the bladder, bowel or uterus fall out of place in the pelvis and protrude into the vagina. POP can affect women who are overweight, those with a chronic cough or may be due to frequent constipation.
  • Cystocele – A condition similar to POP, a cystocele is a prolapsed bladder that drops into the vagina. The bladder is a hollow balloon which expands when filled with water and waste products, then excretes urine through the urethra. The cystocele happens when the pelvic muscles collapse and fail to keep the bladder in place. There are many surgical options which can reduce the symptoms of a cystocele.

If you’re in need of urological services in Kennesaw, Georgia, we strongly recommend you contact us. We empathize with what you’re experiencing, and it’s essential to your wellness to seek quality medical care!

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