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For residents of Clarkston who have urological health needs, it can be a challenge to find a urology clinic near you. You may spend a lot of time searching the internet for “urology near me,” “Clarkston urology” or “urologist Clarkston,” but you don’t have to spend so much time sifting through the search results. Advanced Urology is your best choice. We make the needs and concerns of our patients our top priority.

Our patients will have a positive experience right away from the moment they step into one of our offices. This is why when it comes to Clarkston urology or urologists in Clarkston, Advanced Urology is the best option. Short wait times, relaxing waiting rooms and same-day appointments are just some of the conveniences our patients enjoy, and we place a high level of importance on the patient experience. For those who live in Clarkston, we treat many different urological conditions.

Bladder and Urinary Tract Issues

We are happy to treat male and female patients with the following urinary tract and bladder issues in Clarkston:

  • Overactive bladder – Producing a sudden and uncontrollable urge to urinate, overactive bladder can often cause leakage and urge incontinence. Often it is caused by neurological disorders, abnormalities in the bladder, an enlarged prostate, infections, excess consumption of caffeine or alcohol or diabetes.
  • Incontinence – The most common incontinence types are stress, overflow, fecal and urge. Incontinence is typically indicative of a larger condition.
  • Urethral stricture – Urethral stricture is what happens when the urethra constricts to become too narrow for regular urine passage.
  • Kidney stones – Kidney stones are hardened crystalline salts that form in the urinary tract or kidneys. They may be large, causing extreme pain, or they may be small and unnoticeable.
  • Painful bladder syndrome or PBS – Although PBS is a broader term, it is often used interchangeably with interstitial cystitis. Because extreme bladder pain can be caused by both conditions, life can be difficult for patients who experience either one.
  • Urinary tract infection or UTI – This common condition can usually be treated with a course of antibiotics.
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Urological Cancer

All types of cancer are easier to beat if caught earlier. If you think you may have any of these urological cancers, it’s crucial that you see a Clarkston urologist as soon as possible:

  • Testicular cancer – One in 250 men will develop testicular cancer at some point in their lives. One in 5,000 men will not survive the cancer. Therefore, it’s one of the more treatable cancers.
  • Bladder cancer – Bladder cancer affects both women and men although it is more common for men to get. Patients who quit tobacco and eat more fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants have a decreased risk of bladder cancer.
  • Kidney cancer – One of the most ten common types of cancer in America is renal cancer or kidney cancer. A partial or radial nephrectomy is typically the preferred treatment.
  • Prostate cancer – Among deaths related to cancer, the third highest mortality rate is attributed to prostate cancer. At some point in their lives, 11.2 percent of men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Men who are older, are African American, consume a lot of red meat or have a certain gene mutation have an increased risk for developing prostate cancer.

Male Reproductive and Fertility Issues

For both men and women, fertility and sexuality can be health concerns as every year, more and more couples are being challenged with fertility issues. The following male reproductive and fertility issues are issues we treat:

  • Low testosterone – Some of the symptoms of hypogonadism or low testosterone are decreased energy and libido.
  • ED or erectile dysfunction – Luckily, ED is a relatively simple condition to treat as it affects many men.
  • Male infertility – There are many things that cause male infertility to affect 7.5 percent of couples. Some common causes include alcohol use, tobacco use, illicit drug use, hormone imbalance, weight and previous surgeries.

Other Urological Conditions

We provide treatment for other urological conditions for the residents of Clarkston including:

  • Pelvic organ prolapse – Women who experience pelvic organ prolapse are women who have given birth. It can cause extreme pain and discomfort to the vagina or lower abdomen.
  • Prostate conditions – For men, prostate cancer is not the only condition involving the prostate. Prostatitis–an inflamed prostate–and benign prostatic hyperplasia–an enlarged prostate–are two other conditions that can happen. It’s essential for men who are having difficulty urinating or a strong urge to urinate to have their prostate checked as these can be symptoms for either condition.

Anyone who is looking for a urologist in Clarkston doesn’t need to look any further than Advanced Urology. Contact us today and make an appointment. We understand the sensitive nature of urological health conditions. Allow us to put you first and provide you with the best possible patient experience in the metro Atlanta area.

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