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The world-wide-web is excellent for keeping in touch with friends around the world, but when it comes to finding a medical specialist, the internet can produce hundreds or even thousands of results which may leave you scratching your head on how to choose a urologist in Grayson.

There is a myriad of reasons why you might need to consult a Grayson urology office. The internet search for “urologist near me,” or “urologist Grayson” may have turned up a mix of results, but how do you choose a specialist who’s right for your needs? How will you decide on the best urologist for you?

Fortunately, Advanced Urology has an award-winning team of medical professionals who provide a variety of clinical services to end your “urology near me” search and help you maintain or return to wellness.

We pride ourselves in providing patients with remarkable service from the moment you contact our office. Your time is important to us; we won’t leave you waiting around. However, you might want to stay longer in our peaceful reception area.

At Advanced Urology, we provide treatment for the citizens of Grayson for several urological concerns for both men and women. Learn more about the urological conditions we treat.

Men’s Urological Health Conditions

The intricate design of male anatomy often requires medical attention as a man ages naturally. There are also many common issues that men encounter throughout their lives. We treat a diverse range of urological concerns including:

  • Low testosterone – A decrease in the male androgen hormone, testosterone, may be a signal of the aging process or it may be due to another condition or stress. Low testosterone is also known as hypogonadism, which causes an inhibited sex drive and feelings of lethargy.
  • Varicoceles – These inflamed veins of the scrotal skin are akin to varicose veins in the legs. If varicoceles are left untreated, they may reduce the man’s sperm count or result in infertility. These occur in 20 percent of infertile men and effect ten percent of viable reproductive males.
  • Erectile dysfunction – The majority of men will experience erectile dysfunction or ED at some point in their lives. ED is a widespread condition and is treated relatively easily.
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  • Prostate conditions – The prostate is an exocrine gland found in men that secretes roughly 30 percent of the content in semen. Many diseases affect the prostate gland, like benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostatitis which have mirroring symptoms. If you’re experiencing pain in the penis, testicles, or perineum, pain or a burning sensation during urination or you find yourself rushing to the restroom, it’s time to consult a urologist in Grayson.
  • Male reproductive challenges – Many couples tackle problems when trying to conceive a child. Male infertility affects almost eight percent of all reproductive-aged men.
  • Urological cancers – Prostate, testicular, bladder and kidney cancer all require early detection for the best chance of recovery. Women can also be affected by kidney and bladder cancer, but men are at an increased risk for urological cancer. Testicular cancer is highly treatable with only one in 5000 men dying from the disease. Typically, treating kidney cancer requires a radial nephrectomy or a partial nephrectomy. Prostate cancer is ranked third when it comes to cancer-related fatalities. Regular check-ups, a healthy lifestyle, and early detection can help change those statistics.

Women’s Urological Health Conditions

Urology is associated with men, but women require particular, medical attention due to their complex anatomy. Giving birth to a child, menopause and other circumstances can create any number of urological issues including:

  • Prolapsed bladder – Also known as a cystocele, a prolapsed bladder is when the bladder descends partially or entirely into the vagina. The bladder is a hollow organ which expands when filled with water and waste products. The pelvis holds the bladder in place. If circumstance like childbirth, chronic coughing, obesity, heavy lifting or constipation put too much strain on the bladder, then a cystocele may occur.
  • Urinary tract infections – UTI’s can develop in men, but women are more prone to these infections because their urethrae are significantly shorter. When bacteria that usually grow in the bowel travel to the urethra during sex or after using the bathroom, it can result in painful urinary tract infections that can cause severe damage to your renal system if left unresolved.
  • Overactive bladder – An overactive bladder occurs in 40 percent of all women. It’s signaled by an uncontrollable urge to urinate, intensified frequency of toilet visits and incontinence. The condition can be caused by neurological disorders, diabetes or the consumption of excess alcohol and caffeine.

Advanced Urology offers the citizens of Grayson an unparalleled service that provides access to many of the best urology specialists in the great state of Georgia. If you’re diagnosed with prostate cancer, pelvic organ prolapse, kidney stones, or want to explore your options when it comes to managing your reproductive system, then the urologists at Advanced Urology can help you.

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